Welcome to B2E Helper Application.

application porpuse is to help & speed up development work. Automate & prototype tooling required for various functionality.

Available Tools

  1. Post JSON to post route - Any data permitted and any origin
  2. post/{id} - Allows you to view saved posts
  3. posts - Traffic controller application, shows all data submitted provides option to search.

Rewardr Config Helpers

  1. JSON to retrieve Users Information collection

Available Routes For Me2 Application

  1. Get Pillar Data - Returns Pillar JSON.
  2. Get Dependants - Returns Dependants JSON.
  3. Get Total Reward Breakdown by Year - /{year} - Returns Data, takes param as year. Suspended
  4. Get Employee Data - Gets Data About Employee.
  5. Benefit information - Gets all information about benefit. - Suspended
  6. Survey Data Structure - Returns JSON
  7. Returns survey new format after Parthi modification - Returns JSON.
  8. Get Summary - return JSON.
  9. Post to getSummary - Option to post information.
  10. pillarInformation - Suspended
  11. LeftMenuData - Returns Items
  12. Test - Application test.
  13. get Employee Account Details - Return JSON.

Proxy server for Interactive investor

  1. Returns ticker - Return JSON.

Arc Rewardr UI Helpers

  1. JsonAPI with Pagination

Proxy server for UK Postcodes

  1. Returns Postcode Address List - Return JSON.

Cards Controller

  1. Returns List of Cards - Return JSON.
  2. Returns Random List of Cards - Return JSON.

Recipes Controller

  1. Returns List of Recipes - Return JSON Paginated.
  2. Return single recipe - Return JSON.

Flicker Proxy

  1. Flicker Proxy